NC State University is committed to the realization of a sustainable energy future.

As part of the Chancellor’s Faculty Excellence Program, a new faculty cluster focused on sustainable energy systems and policy (SESP) is being developed. Two new faculty with expertise in energy economics and policy have already joined the SESP cluster. Desired SESP capabilities for the two remaining positions include, but are not limited to, developing and applying mathematical models of energy systems; modeling economy, technology, and policy interactions in evolving smart grids and electricity markets under uncertainty; evaluating the environmental impacts of energy technology using life cycle assessment, and performing systems-level analysis that considers interactions between energy and other infrastructure systems. We welcome applications from all disciplines, but applicants must demonstrate a strong connection to the SESP vision and goal.

These new hires will help catalyze the development of a coordinated campus-wide energy initiative that leverages existing expertise to develop research, education, and outreach programs that link technical research with policy, economics, and environmental impact assessment to deliver actionable energy solutions.